The Art of Selling Out

At what point does an artist become a sell out? And if that artist decides to create for financial gain, why does that degrade the perception of that artist? This is never a problem as it is part of the job but if I'm not going to include a project in my portfolio because it could potentially do more harm than good to my overall body of work am I any less of an artist to take on the assignment? I love the process of creating so I guess there simply are no boundaries for me.

The Power of Colors

Color blends that influence people one way or the other are fascinating! Whether you see a bright red mark on the belly of a Black Widow or a bright red light at an intersection, they both mean STOP! Different color meanings have been embedded in our brains since childhood. They override language barriers and social backgrounds. How can colors that the world accepts to mean specific things be used to the advantage of a designer or a business owner? How can using color patterns that we are conditioned to accept influence purchasing habits?

Judging a Book by it's Cover

I was in the store earlier looking to try something new. Something that's summer! I'm thinking a nice vodka / lemonade mix with a fresh squeezed lime would be perfect. And then it hit me. I don't know which brand of vodka I want. 


So now I'm looking and looking trying to decipher whether I'm in a triple or a quadruple distilled mood. After becoming slightly frustrated, I ended up narrowing down my selection by choosing the bottle that looked the best. Packaging in many cases is more important than the actual product.